The new inovation to ensure your caravan is perfectly level.

Caravans that are incorrectly levelled can cause various problems, from water not draining properly to an uncomfortable nights sleep. The fridge must also be level to work efficiently. Levelling a caravan on site, particularly left to right, can be time consuming and stressful, it can involve one person checking the spirit level and shouting instructions to the person levelling the caravan. It doesnt have to be like this. "Pitch Perfect" is the unique caravan level indicator system.  It makes caravan levelling easy and much less stressful.  It makes it possible for just one person to accuratley level a caravan in daylight and darkness.  The result is perfect levelling every time.

Pitch Perfect consists of two sensors, a battery box with on/off switch and two indicator housings.  One sensor indicates front to back level and the other sensor indicates side to side level.  The two sensors and the battery box are mounted on the underside of the caravan floor and therefore does not take up any storage space (all components are waterproof).

One indicator is mounted under the front offside of the caravan, this is easily visible from the tow car side mirror allowing you to use caravan leveling wheel ramps or if you are using a motor mover both sets of indicators are visible.

One indicator is mounted on the side of or through the the "A" frame cover, this is easily visible when adjusting front to back levelling using the jocky wheel.

When only one of the indicator lights are on then the caravan is low either on one side or the front and back, when both sets of lights are lit up then the caravan is level in all axis.

Pitch Perfect is installed with the caravan pre-set to your own personal level position and then the Pitch Perfect sensors will be calibrated to your settings, thus ensuring that every time you pitch up you can be assured that the caravan is accurately positioned the way you want it.

Wensum Caravan Services Ltd is one of only two Pitch Perfect authorised suppliers and fitters in Norfolk that can install Pitch Perfect to your caravan (coming soon Pitch Perfect for motorhomes).


£99.99 (including fitting)    £81.99 (Introductory price if fitted during a full service)
 The above fitted prices is within a 20 mile radius of Fakenham